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Investment Manager


I went to see William for a problem I had with my shoulder on the recommendation of a dear friend.  What I found was a fantastic acupuncturist and a great healer.  My sessions with William were so helpful that I continued treatment on a regular basis. “I found that his work is great for both emotional and physical issues, and is one of the best healers I’ve worked with.”  He “saved my life” on more than one occasion!  I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve all aspects of their life.



Soraya Elcock

Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs


I went to see William for help during a major transition in my life. Aside from being a brilliant therapist, he is just one of the best human beings that I know.  There was no judgment, no stress and no ego—just a safe space to find my voice.  The treatments were gentle and personalized.  I was able to find the confidence and awareness that I needed to get through a challenging time. William is the best person to have with you on the journey to good health and happiness.






Monique Lores

Retired Administrator of Mental Health


"I had been practicing yoga and aikido for many years but had to stop because it became too demanding on my body.  It made better sense to seek out a gentler practice so I began taking Qigong and Tai Chi classes with various teachers.  I was intrigued with the idea of manipulating internal energy but didn’t find it useful until I met William. His classes are small and personalized and make the best use of each student’s body and limitations. Students are free to ask questions about the philosophy and theory behind the practice.  Over time I began to understand more about how energy flows through the body and impacts our health.  With William’s influence, I’ve become a life-long student of Qigong and Tai Chi and have enjoyed many of it benefits."



Barb Meza

Holistic Health Practitioner


"I have been introduced to two sets of QiGong through William Kaplanidis.  William shares a wealth of knowledge combined with a calm demeanor and infusion of quiet humor. His gentle corrections of form made it easier to integrate each exercise into body memory.  I continue to use the exercises daily for health maintenance and look forward to an opportunity to study with him again."






Dorene Hyman

Licensed Acupuncturist


"I have been an acupuncturist for the past 10 years. I began using Acuformulas to expand my tools beyond needles.  The formulas have been especially useful for treating needle-sensitive patients who are ecstatic to have another treatment option.  It has been so successful that many of them began purchasing the oils to use at home. Recently, the Acuformulas have been incorporated in treatment for women with disabilities in a local hospital and have witnessed excellent results. Acuformulas is in my bag for emergencies and has been a great addition to my practice."



Dr. Rory Rothman



"William is a highly intelligent and unusually intuitive practitioner who has helped both me and my husband in myriad ways. I began to use specific Acuformulas for overall wellbeing and for targeted use. Mainly, I use the White Dragon for lung related problems, the Green Dragon to relieve muscular tension and the Yellow Dragon for intestinal distress – I highly recommend these wonderful formulas!"






Katherine Taromina, L.Ac.

Associate Professor


"The DVD is wonderful.  What an amazing job you did!  It's great for the student, novice and as a teaching tool all in one.  I will definitely be recommending it as a resource for my students and patients."



Eleni Achilleos

Technical Designer


"The DVD has become my nightly ritual. It helps me wash away the day's stresses. I've never slept so well, and I wake up feeling energized in the morning."


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