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Welcoming Spring

By William Kaplanidis, Mar 12 2017 10:10PM

As we welcome spring and continue welcoming the year of the Yin Fire Rooster, we may feel things getting stirred up inside us in the same way the energy is stirring in the earth. The spring season corresponds to the wood element, the liver and gallbladder, the color green, the windy climate, the feelings of anger and irritability as well as kindness and compassion.

The liver energy is like the general that helps you carry out plans and keeps things moving smoothly. Interestingly enough, the rooster is similar in that it is an organized and practical leader. It is a good time to take the steps necessary to complete your goals and get things done. Maybe that’s why it is also tax season. You got to take care of business.

Yin Fire represents your heart. Besides being your ruler, it connects you to your creativity and intuition. So as the universe is providing the practical and leadership energies of the rooster and the liver, check in with your heart. Tune into your intuition as you make and carry out your plans and meet your goals.

I’d like to give you the links to some self-help videos that can assist you as we welcome the spring season.


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