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By William Kaplanidis, Jan 1 2017 11:08PM


Although I have never been much for New Year’s resolutions, I would like to share some thoughts that may be helpful in helping you achieve your goals.

First, set goals that you can achieve easily without resistance. Even if you have a big, scary goal break it down into doable parts. I mean really, silly, small parts. By doing that you can keep what you are doing off the resistant part’s radar and feel good about yourself meeting your goal and making forward progress.

Personally, I think it makes more sense to commence action on the resolutions after Chinese New Year. Why’s that?, you ask. Energetically, Chinese New Year is about the time when spring begins. Even though it may colder and more winter like than January at times, deep in the earth, spring is beginning. Spring tends to be the time for manifesting new beginnings so you may have a little more universal energy support to meet your resolution goals. Just sharing as something to think about.

Do you have or have had more exercise on your new year’s resolution list?

Do you wish you could say you exercise everyday?

One of my teachers once said to do a jumping jack as soon as you get out of bed and then go about your morning routine.

One of my Taijiquan Master’s said you “must be touch on everyday.” He meant, even if you do not have time for the usual three-hour practice, you need to do even a few minutes. A focused 5 minutes can sometimes reap more benefit than a distracted three hours.

A few years back another one of my teachers said I needed to come up with a two- minute exercise that anyone could do. Being literal at times, I tried so many combinations until I put something together that could benefit multiple systems, joints, energy and balance in two-minutes. Some of you know, I have a million of them and that it drove me crazy getting something comprehensive and accessible that could be done literally in two minutes.

Here it is broken down in two videos, one instructional and one demonstration.

See Below for links.

The demo is done in two minutes. You can always do more reps of each or just some that you feel you need more. Can’t take two minutes out of your day? Do fewer repetitions or pick one of the circles to do every day. Doing two head circles, which can take less than five seconds to do, can help your neck, thyroid, lymph glands, and a few other things.

Now when asked, you can say yes I exercise everyday. I do at least two head circles everyday.

Anything else you want to do everyday on your resolution list?

You can add eating better, getting to bed earlier, more sleep, dance more, or maybe breaking a habit and take baby steps towards it. Be creative and have fun with it.

Despite my being relatively disciplined about many things, I once had difficulty with meditating everyday. Meditation was a part of my jiu-jitsu training in the 1970’s and I began a more formal practice in 1983 with a Zen master. And despite my daily T’ai Chi routine come hell or high water, the physical pain and its challenges, staying out late or just being very tired, sometimes became excuses for skipping meditation.

I’ve used the same oak, wooden stool for my meditation for over 20 years. There was at least one apartment where it was the only seat in the house. I decided to put it next to my bed or in two of those cases, the mat that I slept on. The idea was that at the very least I would sit and meditate before bed. I had made an agreement with myself to sit for at minimum three slow breaths. Of course I often sat for much longer but it felt better to finally be able to say I meditated every day (even it was just for three breaths).

Anyway, want to wish you all the best in the new year!

Here are the links:

Until next time. Peace and Love,


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