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Class Schedule and Qigong Exercises

By William Kaplanidis, Dec 22 2016 11:45PM

First, I want to thank the amazing group that showed up for the Self Protection Class this past Saturday. Despite the weather and wet socks we had an incredible class. It was really great to see some old dear souls and meet some new ones.

Second, for those of you that could not make it and for those of you interested in simple but profound ways to manage anxiety, protect and build your energy, I am including a YouTube link of two of the qigong exercises that were part of the class. We hope to have an online version of the class that will have all the exercises and meditations from the class in the near future.

Fusing Fire with Water can quickly calm you and get you into parasympathetic nervous system mode which can help with things like anxiety, deep breathing, blood flow/pressure, blood sugar, digestion, focus and much more. The Whole Body Breathing helps you connect with the energy around you and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of being one with the universe.

Enjoy, share and contact me if you have any questions.

Third, class date corrections for Dimos School of Intuitive Arts 2017 classes:

May 6-7 2017 will be at Queens College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

June 2-4 2017 will be at The Red Barn in Hunter, NY, USA

Go to and click on events for class details. (Thanks Lynn for picking up on that)

And finally, I want to wish you all an amazing holiday and happy new year. I know holidays can be a bag of mixed emotions for various reasons. While I usually like to escape to warmer climates around this time, I will be in NYC and working in case anyone needs pre-holiday or post-holiday re-balancing or just a hug. Oh yeah, Acuformulas and Five Element Qigong DVDs can make great last minute gifts.

Take care,


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