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By William Kaplanidis, Mar 12 2017 10:10PM

As we welcome spring and continue welcoming the year of the Yin Fire Rooster, we may feel things getting stirred up inside us in the same way the energy is stirring in the earth. The spring season corresponds to the wood element, the liver and gallbladder, the color green, the windy climate, the feelings of anger and irritability as well as kindness and compassion.

The liver energy is like the general that helps you carry out plans and keeps things moving smoothly. Interestingly enough, the rooster is similar in that it is an organized and practical leader. It is a good time to take the steps necessary to complete your goals and get things done. Maybe that’s why it is also tax season. You got to take care of business.

Yin Fire represents your heart. Besides being your ruler, it connects you to your creativity and intuition. So as the universe is providing the practical and leadership energies of the rooster and the liver, check in with your heart. Tune into your intuition as you make and carry out your plans and meet your goals.

I’d like to give you the links to some self-help videos that can assist you as we welcome the spring season.


By William Kaplanidis, Feb 5 2017 07:11PM

Join me on Thursday, February 16, 6-7pm for a FREE INTRO to Medical Qigong: Ba Duan Jin- Eight Pieces of Brocade. I was asked to repeat this class because we had to turn away a few people last year in the hope you can make it this time.


(5 sessions) Thursdays, February 23–

March 23, 6–7:15pm


Members: $100 / Nonmembers: $135

William J. Kaplanidis, LAc, MS, MA

The Ba Duan Jin (“Eight pieces of brocade”) is a Taoist medical qigong set of eight therapeutic practices that dates back over 1,000 years. Over the centuries, many have experienced its numerous health benefits, and it is one of the most famous of all qigong forms. There are several variations of each exercise that combine gentle movements with breath coordination, and they can be easily modified for people of varying fitness levels.

In addition to increasing strength and flexibility and improving posture, this set can provide benefits to the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and lymphatic systems. The practices are relatively simple to learn, and one begins to feel their subtle, yet profound benefits after only a few weeks of practice. You will feel energized, yet calm and balanced after each of the sessions.

Note: Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement and flat-soled shoes.


(5 sessions) Thursdays, February 23–

March 23, 6–7:15pm


Members: $100 / Nonmembers: $135

Link to register:

William J. Kaplanidis, LAc, MS, MA, has studied and taught in the US and abroad for over 30 years and has advanced training in several healing and martial arts. As a licensed acupuncturist in NYC, William developed the Acudragon® Wellness System, which combines Eastern and Western approaches to rapidly and safely assist people on their path to healing and transformation.


By William Kaplanidis, Jan 1 2017 11:08PM


Although I have never been much for New Year’s resolutions, I would like to share some thoughts that may be helpful in helping you achieve your goals.

First, set goals that you can achieve easily without resistance. Even if you have a big, scary goal break it down into doable parts. I mean really, silly, small parts. By doing that you can keep what you are doing off the resistant part’s radar and feel good about yourself meeting your goal and making forward progress.

Personally, I think it makes more sense to commence action on the resolutions after Chinese New Year. Why’s that?, you ask. Energetically, Chinese New Year is about the time when spring begins. Even though it may colder and more winter like than January at times, deep in the earth, spring is beginning. Spring tends to be the time for manifesting new beginnings so you may have a little more universal energy support to meet your resolution goals. Just sharing as something to think about.

Do you have or have had more exercise on your new year’s resolution list?

Do you wish you could say you exercise everyday?

One of my teachers once said to do a jumping jack as soon as you get out of bed and then go about your morning routine.

One of my Taijiquan Master’s said you “must be touch on everyday.” He meant, even if you do not have time for the usual three-hour practice, you need to do even a few minutes. A focused 5 minutes can sometimes reap more benefit than a distracted three hours.

A few years back another one of my teachers said I needed to come up with a two- minute exercise that anyone could do. Being literal at times, I tried so many combinations until I put something together that could benefit multiple systems, joints, energy and balance in two-minutes. Some of you know, I have a million of them and that it drove me crazy getting something comprehensive and accessible that could be done literally in two minutes.

Here it is broken down in two videos, one instructional and one demonstration.

See Below for links.

The demo is done in two minutes. You can always do more reps of each or just some that you feel you need more. Can’t take two minutes out of your day? Do fewer repetitions or pick one of the circles to do every day. Doing two head circles, which can take less than five seconds to do, can help your neck, thyroid, lymph glands, and a few other things.

Now when asked, you can say yes I exercise everyday. I do at least two head circles everyday.

Anything else you want to do everyday on your resolution list?

You can add eating better, getting to bed earlier, more sleep, dance more, or maybe breaking a habit and take baby steps towards it. Be creative and have fun with it.

Despite my being relatively disciplined about many things, I once had difficulty with meditating everyday. Meditation was a part of my jiu-jitsu training in the 1970’s and I began a more formal practice in 1983 with a Zen master. And despite my daily T’ai Chi routine come hell or high water, the physical pain and its challenges, staying out late or just being very tired, sometimes became excuses for skipping meditation.

I’ve used the same oak, wooden stool for my meditation for over 20 years. There was at least one apartment where it was the only seat in the house. I decided to put it next to my bed or in two of those cases, the mat that I slept on. The idea was that at the very least I would sit and meditate before bed. I had made an agreement with myself to sit for at minimum three slow breaths. Of course I often sat for much longer but it felt better to finally be able to say I meditated every day (even it was just for three breaths).

Anyway, want to wish you all the best in the new year!

Here are the links:

Until next time. Peace and Love,


By William Kaplanidis, Dec 22 2016 11:45PM

First, I want to thank the amazing group that showed up for the Self Protection Class this past Saturday. Despite the weather and wet socks we had an incredible class. It was really great to see some old dear souls and meet some new ones.

Second, for those of you that could not make it and for those of you interested in simple but profound ways to manage anxiety, protect and build your energy, I am including a YouTube link of two of the qigong exercises that were part of the class. We hope to have an online version of the class that will have all the exercises and meditations from the class in the near future.

Fusing Fire with Water can quickly calm you and get you into parasympathetic nervous system mode which can help with things like anxiety, deep breathing, blood flow/pressure, blood sugar, digestion, focus and much more. The Whole Body Breathing helps you connect with the energy around you and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of being one with the universe.

Enjoy, share and contact me if you have any questions.

Third, class date corrections for Dimos School of Intuitive Arts 2017 classes:

May 6-7 2017 will be at Queens College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

June 2-4 2017 will be at The Red Barn in Hunter, NY, USA

Go to and click on events for class details. (Thanks Lynn for picking up on that)

And finally, I want to wish you all an amazing holiday and happy new year. I know holidays can be a bag of mixed emotions for various reasons. While I usually like to escape to warmer climates around this time, I will be in NYC and working in case anyone needs pre-holiday or post-holiday re-balancing or just a hug. Oh yeah, Acuformulas and Five Element Qigong DVDs can make great last minute gifts.

Take care,


By William Kaplanidis, Dec 8 2016 02:41AM

Health and Wellness Tips for the Winter Season

Winter is coming…well according to the Chinese calendar it has been here about a month already. In the west, we usually acknowledge the season change at its peak. As far as winter is concerned, that means it is going to get colder and colder in the upcoming weeks.

(Go to bottom for video links and upcoming class schedule)

Winter is a time in nature when energy goes deep inside. For example, trees draw their energy inward back into the earth and many animals hibernate or are more dormant. The climate is cold and things, like our bodies, tend to contract and get tight. Days are shorter and we get less sun which is often associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder and an increase in Vitamin D deficiency. When the environment is dark, the pineal gland secretes melatonin which can induce drowsiness, apathy and depression.

In general, we do not get proper amounts of the specific ultraviolet rays that stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands which help with many endocrine functions. Being indoors and behind glass, which filters out these rays, adds to this lack of sun. Wearing glasses and contacts can also block these rays. What is less known is that the retina of the eyes plays a key role in absorbing this energy and sending signals to the brain to activate various hormones. Although staring directly at the sun is not recommended, you can do exercises in which you angle your head 10-15 degrees off center from the sun with eyes closed, then open and blink quickly for a few seconds and turn away. You can repeat this one or two times. Before 9am and after 4pm in winter are the best times to do this kind of looking towards the sun.

Another thing to consider, especially in urban environments during winter, is that we may be exposed to offices or apartments with a lot drying heat from radiators. It is important to stay hydrated and use a humidifier to keep the air from getting too dry.

In terms of diet, adding some ginger and cinnamon can help warm you up. If you eat meat, lamb and beef are considered yang or warming. Bone broth can be very helpful. Otherwise balancing anything cold or raw like salad, with soup or a warming tea can keep your internal environment more balanced.

In Chinese medicine, Winter is associated with the Water Element. The corresponding organs are the kidneys and the urinary bladder, the emotions are fear and fright, and the virtues include wisdom and gentleness. The kidneys are basically your body’s batteries. Each of us were given a certain charge at birth which influences our aging process and life span. The kidneys are in charge of many body functions and support all the other organs. The primary part of the body affected by imbalances with the kidneys’ energy is the lower back. Winter can be a time that aggravates lower back issues.

Sometimes our fear protects us from dangerous situations and sometimes it tries to protect us based on past experiences that may no longer be what we need in the moment. Understanding your fears and moving through them can help move you forward on your path. Wisdom that comes with age and expanded experiences along with gentleness can help you help your fear work better for you.

Self-acupressure with or without aromatherapy, doing qigong and other self-cultivation exercises can help you balance the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual energies associated with the winter season. I have posted some self-help videos on YouTube that you can use right away. I know many of you have holistic practitioners that you go to for help. If you haven’t already, this would be a good time to get your seasonal tune up. Either way these tips and videos will help you accelerate your healing journey.

Winter is the time for Acuformula H5-The Blue Dragon. It is a warming formula and can be put on points instead of moxa or with moxa to boost your immune system. Do you ever get cramps in your legs or feet especially at night? Within 3 seconds of rubbing the Blue Dragon on the muscle and your cramp is gone. I know it sounds like a crazy claim and it is not one approved by the FDA, but everyone including myself has experienced this, every time. One patient told me today that the cramp starts going away before she is done rubbing it in and that she keeps a bottle by her bed. She also said the Green Dragon helps as well but the Blue is faster for cramps.

I was in Philly last week and I got a call today from someone that used the Green Dragon for a severe toothache that would wake her up at night. She said the pain is still gone and that she is telling all her friends. The Green Dragon is the most versatile of the Acuformulas.

That said part of my mission is to help more people and to keep my friend Doc alive through the

Acuformulas which he helped me make. Part of the sales go to an educational scholarship in his name. He would strive to always improve himself and never stop learning and believed everyone was his teacher. So please spread the word and share with anyone who could benefit and enjoy working with essential oils and acupressure.

And while I do not have many Vimeo video sales, my Five Elements Qigong DVD is still getting play and helping people with many different issues. One lady in her 70’s who has been awaiting a liver transplant said after doing the exercises she feels so much better. She also said it was easy, fun and not bad eye candy too (had to share that last part not knowing her orientation, it could go either way).

Not sure how to get some of the other videos out there but I will catch up with the technology hopefully soon. In the meantime, I have posted more to YouTube and will get more out there.

The Acuformulas and Qigong DVD could make a good holiday gift for anyone ready to take more responsibility for their health. If you are a practitioner already using them or would like some easy to use, effective tools that patients love to supplement your practice, let me know before you order so I can guide you to the practitioner page. Also Lhasa OMS is selling the roll on bottles to both the public and practitioners as well. A woman in DC said she ordered Blue and Green from Lhasa OMS and was impressed not only how quickly they worked for her, but how long the bottles last. Just remember “Shake and Roll”. The ingredients are mostly organic and wild crafted with nothing chemical to bind them.

Video: Tips for winter

Video: Qigong exercises for winter

Enjoy! Working on 2nd draft of my book and going to be doing some classes in the next few weeks/months.


December 15th 6-7pm ongoing Taiji/Qigong class at Keystone Studios 252 W. 30th St. 4th Floor NYC.

December 17th 12-4:15pm Self Protection Class for Practitioners 4 NCCAOM PDAs pending for Practice Enhancement at CRS 123 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor NYC


January 29th 12-2pm Ethics and Boundaries: Crossings vs. Violations Online Class for Pacific Center for Life Long Learning 2 Required Ethics PDA’s pending.

February 16th Free Intro on Medical Qigong: The Ba Duan Jin-Eight Pieces of Brocades at NY Open Center 22 E. 30th Street, NYC

January and February a Weekend and a Wednesday Afternoon Clinical Counseling 3 Class at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NY, 110 William St., 19th Floor, NYC

May 5th - 7th Qigong Plus- Dimos School of Intuitive Arts, Red Barn, Catskills, NY

June 3rd – 4th Qigong Plus- Dimos School of Intuitive Arts, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

William is a passionate expert on Martial Arts, Asian Healing Techniques and Asian Philosophies.

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